Press Articles

  • In April 2016, LA Weekly featured us in a photo montage of the 2016 Smiths/Morrissey Convention.
  • In May 2015, called us "convincing" and "irresistible" (review by Finn O'Reilly).
  • In October 2011 Liverpool Music stated: "Their clear love of the music of The Smiths, coupled with their musical professionalism, made for a highly entertaining, engaging two hours of music, and prevented the show from ever sliding into parody." (review by Sean Diamond)
  • In February 2010 LA Rock Music Examiner stated we were "closest to recreating the band musically and vocally"  (article by Diana Diaz).
  • In June/July 2009 i-D Magazine called us "a brilliant tribute to The Smiths".
  • In May 2009, we appeared in The Times Magazine, on BBC1 Breakfast News and on BBC North West Tonight.
  • In June 2008, The Smiths Indeed were featured in an article by Gavin Corbett in the Irish newspaper Sunday Tribune.
  • In December 2008, The Smiths Indeed were featured in an article by Bernadette McNulty in The Daily Telegraph.
  • In December 2008, Michael Hunt in his weblog review called us "as dedicated as you'll get."

Gig Reviews

Fan Feedback 2011

2 December 2011 Came to Manchester Ritz had AMAZING time. Paula Ogden Was Clark

1 December 2011 Hi, The morning after seeing the smiths indeed at Buxton pavillion, they were truly fantastic. The music elevated us and lifted our spirits on this cold november evening, the setlist was perfect, the band gave their all, everything they could to ensure we all had a great time. The opening chime of This Charming Man had everyone off their seats and dancing, reciting every word! Thank you so much, we needed to see and hear The Smiths Indeed, and I'm so glad we did. I can't wait to see you again, thank you, Allen and Irena

1 December 2011 Just a quick note to say thankyou for a great night out. Spirits flagged when saw it was an all seater...but as soon as I got up and danced...fab! Cheers. Steve

1 December 2011 Gentlemen, A pleasure talking with you all. Again, I express my appreciation to you for what you guys do. Last night's show was brilliant! The 2nd set was well chosen. Thank you. Life is sometimes an arduous journey and the music of The Smiths has been part of adding joy and levity to mine. Once again, my utmost respect and best wishes. Garry Ralph Magnusson

29 November 2011 12 days later and my flowers from the Birmingham gig are still blooming... Servette

29 November 2011 Hi, Witnessed two phenomenal gigs in the last 3 weeks, first at Birmingham, and then Manchester (purely because the first one was that good!). Thanks for a couple of great gigs, I'll look forward to more. Daniel Whittaker

29 November 2011 Please come back down Brighton, Southampton way. Saw you at the Brook, Southampton last Dec and saw you in Komedia Brighton last Friday. Both times were absolutely brilliant. So much so that once a year is certainly not enough. Watching you guys is like watching the real thing. I'd imagine. Please please please... Kevin Harris

28 November 2011 You were absolutely brilliant on Saturday night in Manchester, words cannot even begin to describe the performance! Myself, my girlfriend, and the whole of Manchester thanks you x Eden Joseph Bearshaw

27 November 2011 Great gig, great crowd, great memory. Looking forward to the next tour. John Chatham

27 November 2011 Top night last night cheers. Pete Murphy

27 November 2011 Great gig last nite! Dom Jones

27 November 2011 Saw you guys in the Ritz last word...incredible. Gareth Bradley

27 November 2011 I just wanted to express my amazement at how good you were! Given that I was in single figures of age when The Smiths were in their pomp, last night was the closest I'll ever get to seeing them live (and heaven knows I'm miserable now). I had been looking forward to hearing This Charming Man for weeks and you didn't disappoint! I am still hoarse from singing along. I'm sure you are very busy and I sound like some ridiculous teenager (despite actually being on the verge of 30) but I felt the need to thank you for a fantastic show. I will be keeping an eye out for future gigs and telling everyone I know! Thanks again. Stuart Walton

27 November 2011 Had such an amazing night @TheSmithsIndeed gig at The Ritz and best of all they played Hand in Glove - the song I walked down the aisle to!Nicky Robinson

27 November 2011 Agreed. Spot on. Just goes to show how we love the Smiths. Cemetary Gates/ There is a light - to name a few! Steph Scully

27 November 2011 Saw @TheSmithsIndeed at The Ritz last night. Great time was had by all! Highly recommended! Andy Robinson

27 November 2011 Yeah so @thesmithsindeed were f-ing awesome tonight. Kerri McKenna

27 November 2011 Had a fantastic time tonight at The Ritz watching @TheSmithsIndeed absolutely AMAZING. Stephanie Mather

27 November 2011 I cannot seem to get " what difference does it make " out of my head! Damn u The Smiths Indeed! Martin Loftus

27 November 2011 Sick. Lee Parkinson

26 November 2011 Second time I've seen you in Newcastle. My brother and I had a fantastic time on Thursday. Thanks very much. The whole evening was a true celebration of the greatest band ever. Alex Brown

26 November 2011 Tonight was something special and poignant. Top form. Best gig. Thank you. Paul Kelsey

25 November 2011 Smashing night lads, thank you for reminding us of a truly great time for music. Studds Ramrod

25 November 2011 Another Brill gig in Toon... Loved Sweet and Tender Hooligan and I got to touch ya hand ( again ) yay...Hurry back soon lads. Paul Winpenny

25 November 2011 Had a brilliant time last night seeing Smiths Indeed. Gail Hickson

25 November 2011 Thanks for the flowers at Newcastle last night. Great show. Judith Downey

25 November 2011 Fantastic gig at the Academy in Newcastle. Even better than last time. Please add me to your mailing list. You're doing a sterling job; keep up the good work! Kirstine Manson

25 November 2011 Great gig last night lads. Hope to see you back in Newcastle soon! David

25 November 2011 Great gig & lovely to see you all again! Rachael of the North

25 November 2011 Very much enjoyed @TheSmithsIndeed. Steven Turner

25 November 2011 I was at the gig in Newcastle tonight. Well, it's probably last night, now. Anyway, I loved it! It was brilliant. :D Hayleigh Winpenny

25 November 2011 The Smiths Indeed were unreal. Jack Embleton

24 November 2011 Really enjoyed @TheSmithsIndeed tonight!! Great show, great songs!! Michael C

24 November 2011 Great stuff. Really enjoyed it. Even ventured front middle for the encore! Sid Plummer

24 November 2011 Absolute quality night. Jack Brown

24 November 2011 Newcastle great night thanks pure music hall. Stephen Goicoechea

24 November 2011 Wtf I put my Smiths Indeed tshirt on for tonight so what does my brother go and do he puts his on aswell, now we're matching. Kicking Off.Charlotte Swindell

24 November 2011 25 years ago I saw The Smiths at Newcastle Mayfair. Tonight, I'm reliving my youth when I go to see The Smiths Indeed. Dawn Warcup

24 November 2011 Great gig in London last week! Eric McNamara

23 November 2011 Dear The Smiths Indeed, I am completely obsessed about the Smiths, There's little else in terms of music that I bother about.
They're one of the main reasons I write myself. Your gig in London the other night, was really great as usual, haven't seen you in quite a while. Please add some more gigs in London soon, I will be at all of them. I did really enjoy you've got everything now on thursday, and also Asleep. Thanks a lot, keep it going. Jonny Lines

22 November 2011 Gr8 night. Adam Richards

21 November 2011 You got the moves like Mozzer!!!! Leicester was great! thankyou xx Rachel White

21 November 2011 Loved the gig at Leicester... sadly the Smiths are dead, boys But you gave us a great reminder. Thankyou. Toni Sutton

20 November 2011 OK I'm so chuffed seen the Smiths Indeed tonight and they were soooo good. Had a great night.... and I've got to go to bed very drunk but with a happy smile on my face :) Melody Angel

20 November 2011 Thank you to The Smiths Indeed. What a great nite !!! Viva The Smiths !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BoyAfraid Faizal

20 November 2011 The Smiths Indeed were totally amazing! Pamela Schofield

20 November 2011 After coming to Birmingham Institute the other week, I'm making plans to come to Manchester Ritz next Saturday! Can't wait. Daniel Whittaker

20 November 2011 Amazing last night. Josh Rippin

19 November 2011 Top night in Brighton guys. Thank you for coming back as promised! Brighton loves you. Claire Vanderhoven

19 November 2011 At leics o2 watching @TheSmithsIndeed quality act. Jessel Kotecha

19 November 2011 I was very impressed with his playing. Emma Gibbins

19 November 2011 He can really play. And he smiled at me :D Truen Fairview

19 November 2011 OUTSTANDING. WHAT A CRACKING NIGHT. Totally dazzled. Inspired opener to the 2nd set with "Asleep" & not a dry eye in the house. Beautiful moment. Knittedgnome

19 November 2011 Had the most marvellous night in the musical company of @TheSmithsIndeed - keeping that light shining for all us Smitherines. Misery and isolation never sounded so good. Shiv Meaker

19 November 2011 Woke up a bit grumpy, only thing for it is to listen to the smiths greatest hits, great memories of @TheSmithsIndeed at hmv institute. Carl Whittaker

18 November 2011 Great show at The Garage last night! Fern Reddie-Thompson

18 November 2011 The Smiths Indeed were FUCKING AWESOME tonight!! Rugina Mukid

18 November 2011 Doesn't get much better than @TheSmithsIndeed. Best gig I've been to all year. Marie Tetley

18 November 2011 Tickets booked for @TheSmithsIndeed at HMV Ritz manchester. Seeing them once in Liverpool just not enough! Dewi Rhys Owen

18 November 2011 Having a blast at @TheSmithsIndeed. What an incredible night. Russell Smith

18 November 2011 I have never seen such wanton flower destruction in my life. @thesmithsindeed. Jamie

18 November 2011 Hello chaps, Thrash me for admitting it but last night at The Garage was the first time I have got to see you guys and I just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous show. It truly was an excellent evening (I still have some remnants of the bouquet..) and, although I know there are other Smiths tributes out there, they don't come close. Your attention to detail for Moz is to be praised Sir! Will catch you again soon I'm sure. Thanks again. Cliff Adams

18 November 2011 Amazingly brilliant. Lipgloss Jill

18 November 2011 Great singer & a very tight band! Derek

18 November 2011 Great tribute band. Very excited! Caraline Brown

18 November 2011 It wasn't quite Great December back in '63 But oh, what a night. Who cares, I had such fun tonight I'm delirious* *and a bit pissed. Teehee. FANbloodyTASTIC, thanks. The Mac Daddy

18 November 2011 Saw @TheSmithsIndeed at @GarageLondon; amazing! If you get a chance to see them take it. Not Morrissey superb & Mock Marr great & very hot! Busty McGinty

17 November 2011 AWESOME! Just met the band. Lovely. 'Some girls', 'Heaven knows' and 'William' highlights. Julie

17 November 2011 @TheSmithsIndeed are the best tribute band ever!!!!! I swear @dazimac @MarriedtotheMoz and me think this really is The Smiths. Russell Smith

17 November 2011 Meeting @TheSmithsIndeed was pretty awesome, great couple of nights. Andy Lingard

17 November 2011 I saw these guys in Boston! They put on a fun show. Enjoy! Lady K

17 November 2011About to see the best cover band of all time: @TheSmithsIndeed. Nick Schofield

13 November 2011 Very enjoyable evening boys, you do it well, will see you again soon. Ron Later Duet

13 November 2011 Words can't describe how excited I am for @TheSmithsIndeed on the 24th! Kate

13 November 2011 Great night in Oxford tonight. Thanks for keeping the fire burning. Nick Aylward

13 November 2011 It was emotional, to say the least! Bobby Kewley

11 November 2011 So so so glad I managed to get this in time, the show was absolutely phenomenal. And so, photos: - I had a brilliant time. Tish Jarrett

11 November 2011 Just got back from an awesome night watching @TheSmithsIndeed at the HMV Institute. Great night, Great music...Free flowers. Gaz AV1 McC

11 November 2011 Thank you so much :D I felt very much at home being "that guy" on the front row. Perfection itself ;) Thomas Basket-Case

11 November 2011 Thanks for a brilliant night! Miles Blackjacket Billington (see his videos on Youtube)

10 November 2011 A terrific Smiths cover band. Blair Cameron Dingwall (see his photos on Facebook)

10 November 2011 An amazing gig tonight guys, I have the tour tshirt on and flowers in the back pocket, amazing amazing amazing !! Carl Whittaker

10 November 2011 Class night, closest thing to The Smiths I feel I'm ever gonna get. Ben Edwards

10 November 2011 You were totally mind blowing, what a brilliant night. Sean Hayes

10 November 2011 Loved it, was brilliant. Great night!! Beth Parkes

10 November 2011 You's were beyond incredible tonight. In absolute awe. Polly Platts

10 November 2011 Just overheard a perfect voicemail re @thesmithsindeed: 'You should have come. It is phenomenal.' Andy Lingard

10 November 2011 They were FANTASTIC in Glasgow last week, you're in for a great night. Derek

10 November 2011 Absolutely buzzing at the fact I'm going to see The Smiths Indeed. Cassie Jury

9 November 2011 I loved your show at the Lemon Tree! To go to a gig and hear The Smiths classics was the best! Shaun Gordon

9 November 2011 It's the closest you'll get to the real thing. [10 Nov:] Top draw chaps. Loved it again. Dave Stoddart

8 November 2011 You never disappoint. Andrew Cairns

7 November 2011 You guys were amazing once again on Sat, come back to Aberdeen soon! Chris Robertson

6 November 2011 Superb show last night in Aberdeen. I'm lucky enough to have seen The Smiths a couple of times and you are so close at times that it's frightening. Thank you. David McLean

6 November 2011 Guys, was at the Glasgow gig.....fantastic! Rob Brown

6 November 2011 Brilliant gig in Aberdeen. Thanks for an amazing show!! Jennifer Maclean

6 Novmeber 2011 Was at the Aberdeen show, well done guys, a brilliant night. Stephen Bruce

6 November 2011 Thank you for a fantastic night in Glasgow you were amazing as always x Audrey Rankine

6 November 2011 The Smiths Indeed as good as ever tonight. Come back to Aberdeen soon guys. Colin Shaw

6 November 2011 Fantastic show at Lemon are fantastic. Over, over, over, I don't know where else I can go. Go see them if you get a chance. Paul MacDonald

5 November 2011 I was not even born when The Smiths were still together but as long as I can remember, they have been the only band to have ever really meant anything to me, in so many ways. I never thought that anyone could get close to even attempting their musical genius, but you guys blew me away. Mr.Morrissey-esque-lead singer, All of the songs you sang were mind blowing, but when you sang "Asleep" I could have sworn I heard pitch perfect Morrissey himself. Thankyou for playing in Dundee, thank you for not yelling at me when I ran off with your flowers, and PLEASE come back to Dundee soon. Yours with complete and utter adoration, Lou Woollard

4 November 2011 The Smiths Indeed were fantastic last night. Garry McNeill

4 November 2011 Great concert at King Tut's last night. Mark Taylor

4 November 2011 The Smiths Indeed were fantastic. Played a huge set list. If you were ever into The Smiths then you've gotta check these guys out. Soooperb!! Bill Strachan

4 November 2011 Belting. XxX Lorna McArthur

3 November 2011 Great evening with @TheSmithsIndeed tonight in @kingtuts. 2 sets: Queen Is Dead LP in full, then 1hr of other classics. Hurry back to Glasgow!! Derek

3 November 2011 Great show tonight in Glasgow. Absolutely loved it! Lori Ritchie

2 November 2011 You couldn't hope for better than that! Unless Morrissey came and sat on your lap. Ian Robertson

1 November 2011 Great hearing those songs live. Michael C

31 October 2011 So, my first tribute act concert! I have to say, I thought these guys were really, really good. Their clear love of the music of The Smiths, coupled with their musical professionalism, made for a highly entertaining, engaging two hours of music, and prevented the show from ever sliding into parody. [A] great show. I would definitely recommend this show to any real Smiths/Moz fan, these guys are the real deal! Sean Diamond (from his Review in Liverpool Music)

30 October 2011 Loved it. Brilliant gig lads. Will have to see you again! Jon Bates

30 October 2011 Awesome last night! Holly Kingston

30 October 2011 Brilliant last night <3 Chloe Wood

30 October 2011 Brilliant gig. Ryan Oxley

29 October 2011 Just got back from the Sheffield gig. Loved the inclusion of Sweet and Tender Hooligan: made my night! George Snowflake Huntington

29 October 2011 A rare delight. Daniel Parkinson

24 October 2011 Quaking with excitement for The Smiths Indeed gig in Liverpool Friday night. Dewi Rhys Owen

23 October 2011 So excited to see you in Sheffield! 3rd time :D Chelsea Sadler

3 August 2011 Unbelieveable quality. What an inspiration, to see and hear a group who can actually play some of the best british music ever. Bassist drives the sound excellently. A must see group. An absolute barnstorming perfromance... The Smiths do live on. Swoyambunath

28 July 2011 I'm a huge Smiths fan and have just found @TheSmithsIndeed doing 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' on YouTube. Goosebumps! Bill Strachan

21 June 2011 Best tribute I've ever seen live. Leonard Newell (from Viva Brother)

19 June 2011 Lots of Morrissey fans talking about how great @TheSmithsIndeed are live! go to see them. Amazing. Dickie Felton (author of The Day I Met Morrissey)

30 May 2011 Where?? When?? Jay please please get me a ticket!!! Miss Kazza

27 May 2011 Excellente!!!!!!!! This band are the best tribute act in the world. Russell Thornton

24 May 2011 Quality group, never fail to fulfill. There is a light that never goes out and it is The Smiths Indeed. Real Smiths fan and I can say these guys are keeping the light alive, the band play amazing and the frontman is spot on, very talented. What an inspiration, to see and hear a group who can actually play some of the best british music ever. Bassist drives the sound excellently. A must see group. Swoyambunath

20 May 2011 Respect, looks like your really enjoying yourself up there :) It's nice to hear real music, with a good voice and instruments, just like it's supposed to sound. Sabechan

16 May 2011 I know it's a long time ago, but I saw you in Worcester in December, and you were ace. Thanks! Ollie Burchell

6 May 2011 Must be Morrissey's long lost blood brother! Come to Dubai. Ferdz Inez

11 April 2011 Thanks guys for a fantastic performance at Cafe Artisan. Best Tribute band in the Kingdom! Tim Artisan Whiteley

10 April 2011 Great Night last night! Vicky Ritson

9 April 2011 I still talk about your first night at Hully Gully! You all need to come back. Pronto! Lady Rosales

8 April 2011 Thank you for a fantastic night, great set list! Sue Parkinson

8 April 2011 Smiths Indeed, tambien me gusta esta aqui! Marisa Coronel

8 April 2011 Fantastic evening, thank you! Karen Jones

26 March 2011 I came across you guys while I was on Youtube and you are awesome! I suggest coming to Minnesota in the summer when it is not so cold. Gary Thomas Jr

24 March 2011 Saw you in Edinburgh last year, amaaazing! Muriel Mackenzie

23 March 2011 Great show. Loved the girl that rushed the stage. Good times! :) John Fahres

21 March 2011 Amazing amazing show. Danced all night. Come back to New York soon. Leah Umansky

19 March 2011 I just wanted to say that I loved seeing you play at The Mercury Lounge. It was an awesome experience. Had a great time dancing. And thank you for tossing the bouquet to me near the end of the show. It topped off the night. Best of luck! Teresa Soroka

19 March 2011 Oh my, it is kind of embarrassing seeing myself dance like that.I guess I was into the music. I really had lots of fun. Thank you for giving me a great dancing and singing experience the weekend before my bithday. Yay! Marisol Mena (Watch here)

19 March 2011 It was a pleasure chatting, and sharing a beer with you guys! Hope to see you in Los Angeles soon. Jack Mendoza

18 March 2011 Thank you for coming to Philly! Melinda May Senchiskin

17 March 2011 Glad I was able to shoot the stills of you guys at Hully Gully on Friday. You were Awesome! Rob Cosner (from Out our Door Photography - see photos via Facebook)

17 March 2011 We hope u guys come back real soon to Los Angeles- performance was Amazing! Lizbeth Jauregui

17 March 2011 You guys rocked the house that night [Hully Gully, 11 March]. Absolutely amazing. Glad I was able to be there. Sarita Franco

17 March 2011 MASSIVE respect for representing our country with such awe inspiring, musical culture xX Welcome back to terra firma xX Michelle Heyes

17 March 2011 Thanks for coming to Philly. It was great! Susan Leeps

17 March 2011 They were GREAT! Really enjoyed the show. I haven't listened to The Smiths much lately, so I was transported into a different time :) I thought he was the best Moz I've ever seen. Funny crowd...a LOT of big burly bearded guys, who knew ALL the words! Dina Robinson

16 March 2011 What an amazing show at the Satellite! Thank you for playing such a great set. Please come back to California soon! Christine Belandres

16 March 2011 Just move to California and indulge us all the time! Tonight was amazing, again! Don't leave! Lupe Luffay

16 March 2011 I hope you come back to L.A. soon!!! Awesome show last nite!! I saw your show twice!! (Hully & Satellite) and I want more!!!!! Claudia Aracely Rubio

16 March 2011 Silver Lake loves The Smiths Indeed. Claudia Mendoza

16 March 2011 Was fortunate to catch The Smiths Indeed at Cafe Du Nord this past Monday. I highly recommend seeing them - really great. Veronica de la Mora

16 March 2011 Brilliant! Cromozzer

15 March 2011 The Smiths Indeed? They're super good. Tod Wisenbaker

15 March 2011 The Smiths Indeed - they were actually pretty great. Michael Frank

15 March 2011 Great show last night! Excellent version of I Know It's Over. Michelle Arnau

15 March 2011 You guys were amazing!!! It was a pleasure opening for you guys. Thanks!!! Nikki Arias (from The Reptile House)

15 March 2011 You all rocked it! Awesome show!! Smiths Night San Francisco

15 March 2011 That was soo much fun!! And he thrown flowers!! And me got some in a vase!!! It was so much fuckin fun!!!!!!!!! What a brilliant night. We luv ya ere!! Sean K. Alexander

15 March 2011 You guys rocked last night! Thanks for coming so far to play in San Francisco. Hope you return one day! Rick O'Herron

15 March 2011 Just loved the Northampton show! What an excellent job you guys did. Really hoping to see you again. Nicole Graziano

15 March 2011 Great show at the Hully Gully. Unable to really see you guys perform since I was working, but I was definitely singing along to all the songs! Pleasure meeting you all and hope to see you again soon! Cyn Gudin[i]o

14 March 2011 You guys were Awesome ! Unforgettable! Cynthia Morales Sanchez

14 March 2011 Great Show Last Night at Club Addiction! Rich Vreede

13 March 2011 The Smiths Indeed were amazing!Very impressive! I highly recommend seeing their show on Tuesday! Bryce Rubalcava

13 March 2011 You guys were great. I can't wait to see you again tonight. Karen Reyes

12 March 2011 I loved last night's show! Simply great, a little too crowded with no room for dancing but you guys were fucken awesome! Lupe Luffay

12 March 2011 You guys were great!!! I saw you guys perform last night and I think I'm gonna go today too!! Loved you guys .GREAT!!! Just GREAT!!! Deanna Valenzuela

12 March 2011 Great show tonight at Hully Gully. Keep up the good work. Joe Arreola

12 March 2011 I saw you guys tonight in Downey, you guys were awesome! The Smiths Indeed! Lovely guys! Great show! Hope to see your shows in L.A. soon again!!! Pierre Magallon

11 March 2011 I love u guys. Jonathan Fisher-Fisher

10 March 2011 Great show tonight at the World Cafe Live guys! Come back soon!!!!! Lindsay Leiper

9 March 2011 You guys are great. Please come back to NYC soon! Eugene Jen

9 March 2011 Come back anytime! Great show last night! Clay Fernald

8 March 2011 Great set last night! A lot of people missed a great show! Thanks for playing! Trying to convince some friends in Boston to come out and see you tonight! John Bronson

8 March 2011 Great show last night! Thanks so much for gracing The Horse with your talents and passion! Please come back again. Allan Margeson

8 March 2011 I second that. Just a terrific show. Come back again! Dave Lombardi

8 March 2011 We loved the show! Thanks for coming to Northampton. Kristine Pinto-Ljungberg

8 March 2011 We just got home from the Northampton show tonight. You were all Brilliant! Have and great tour! I told all my San Francisoco friends to go see you on March 15th! Evelyn Conroy Radowicz

8 March 2011 It was the best concert I’ve seen in years, and I can’t wait to see them again. Absolutely brilliant. Eric Nixon (from his review)

7 March 2011 Did you realize original Blondie members Frank Infante and Nigel Harrison were there to see you last night in NYC? Veronica Korn

3 March 2011 Delivered with authenticity and passion. David Duffin (from a North West Evening Mail review)

27 February 2011 Use were brilll last night. Everytime I've seen use it's been awesome. Sherri Bell

26 February 2011 There were a few folk who were at our gig last night [Mulligans...Manc] that went to see ya's last night. They said they had a brilliant time. Tom 'Freeman' O'Rourke

26 February 2011 Last night was awesome!! Never saw The Smiths live but you are as close as I'll ever get. Fantastic. Stu Wallace

26 February 2011 I had a great time too. Thanx muchly for your gig. Hurry up back xxx. Joanne Lockley

26 February 2011 Great gig last night! Thank you... 25 years of The Queen Is Dead! Sue Greenhow

22 February 2011 You guys are so great. Leyla

9 January 2011 The Smiths Indeed? They are probably my favourite band of all time. Connor Fisher